GSMA Foundry Innovator Spotlight – Luis Ramirez, Mawari

Luis Ramirez, Founder & CEO, Mawari

Ahead of their appearance at GSMA m360 APAC in Seoul (September 2023), we spoke to Mawari’s CEO Luis Ramirez about an exciting new Foundry project they are working on to solve the scalability dilemma of the Metaverse.

Luis, please tell us about your GSMA Foundry project – Network Testnet

This project showcases the launch of the Mawari Network Testnet in cooperation with KDDI. The Mawari Network Testnet will prove that decentralized real-time rendering to mobile devices is possible and that a new monetization scheme for 5G is enabled by this web3 solution. (Read more here).

Who are you partnering with?

KDDI, Telefonica, Qualcomm, Creta, Miracle Mile.

What is the technology being used in this project??

XR Streaming (Mawari Core Technology), Decentralized Cloud Rendering (Mawari Core Technology), 5G, Network APIs (OpenGateway).

What is the timeframe of this project?

Q2 2023 to Q1 2024

What are the key results / impacts of this project?

(a) Demonstrate decentralized rendering of real-time 3D content to XR Devices by end of 2023

(b) Orchestrate and integrate KDDI Telefónica MEC resources for real-time 3D rendering into the Mawari Testnet and amplify these resources with 3rd Party independent rendering partners sourced by Mawari 

(c) Test and integrate KDDI Telefónica QoD APIs with the Mawari Network when available 

(d) Set up, test and run Telefónica Validator nodes and integrate them in the Mawari Testnet 

(e) Set up, test and run KDDI Telefónica Storage nodes and integrate them in the Mawari Testnet 

(f) Run the Mawari Testnet and demonstrate the orchestration of all resources through a web3 / blockchain system 

(g) Use case exploration with Telefónica partner development companies 

(h) Demonstrate a method of revenue share through a tokenized economy

What real life challenge does this project help solve?

Solving the scalability dilemma of the Metaverse / XR

What are the key benefits provided by this project?

Adoption of Network as a Service for the developers, and rebalancing the internet value chain

Find out more

GSMA Foundry Project: Mawari Network Testnet


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