m360 APAC

m360 APAC

Start: Tuesday 1 October 2024

End: Wednesday 2 October 2024

Location: Seoul

Advancing Digital Nations with AI​

The AI evolution has reshaped business services in every sector and consumer behaviour in a way that marks a pivotal moment in the shift from building digital societies to building digital nations. ​

AI is accelerating a migration from physical to digital, revolutionizing traditional use cases and redefining business paradigms. When integrated with enabling technologies, like IoT and 5G, the impact of advanced connectivity and digital innovation will shape our future in ways we are yet to define. ​

Now, with 5G Advanced, a new catalyst for change is emerging but data governance, security and infrastructure needs to be harnessed to ensure emerging technologies support the growth of digital nations, for the benefit of all. ​

Join us at m360 APAC and meet the GSMA Foundry Team! Discover how we can collaborate to drive industry advancements, showcase your innovations globally, and fast-track your projects to international recognition. If you would like to reach out in advance to schedule a meeting to find out more you can contact us at [email protected].