Delivering Real-Time Translation

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Calling services continue to act as the foundation stone of operators’ core business and offer both indispensable and unique social value. Even in today’s advanced society, phone calls make up the bulk of the communication methods between people.

5G New Calling brings ultra-HD, intelligent, and interactive calling capabilities to enhance basic voice and video calls. By leveraging the IMS data channel, the native call screen can provide a web view and allow users to invoke various mini-programs from the network platform, thereby improving communication efficiency. The service-enabling platform can expose network capabilities to external systems, empowering a wide range of communication scenarios and propelling vertical sectors to develop new services and digitalize themselves. Individuals can enjoy an enriched voice and video calling experience; enterprises can improve communication efficiency and create greater business and social value.


5G New Calling stimulates service innovation:

  • Calling + Intelligence: Provides capabilities, such as voice and video recognition, translation, and media rendering, to implement real-time translation, fun calling, and a spectrum of new services. Users can convey information and express emotions more easily and enjoy a superlative service experience.
  • Calling + Interactivity: Utilizes the IMS data channel to provide features such as touchscreen interactions, content sharing, and AR annotations, and implement new services that include interactive menus and remote repair. Enterprises can improve communication efficiency and complete business transactions through calls.

To construct a robust New Calling ecosystem, industry organizations, operators, equipment suppliers, terminal and chip vendors, and content producers need to make concerted efforts to make this happen. In the same year that New Calling was launched, GSMA established the 5G New Calling Foundry project at MWC 2023, hoping that more partners can participate in the construction of the New Calling ecosystem, work together to promote the development and prosperity of the New Calling industry and achieve a win-win future.




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