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China’s insurance industry is embracing China Mobile’s video calling service, introduced in July 2022, as a means to revolutionise the evaluation of vehicle damage after accidents. Traditionally, insurance companies would deploy experts, resulting in an average cost of $50 per assessment. However, China Mobile’s advanced video calling, powered by Huawei’s New Calling platform, accelerates this process.

The potential market for this innovation is substantial, given the annual occurrence of 70 million car damage claims in China. While certain insurers have begun piloting the solution on a small scale, broader adoption is anticipated to increase alongside the ongoing optimisation of networks and video capabilities. Notably, this technology ensures the provision of high-quality images, vital for precise automated damage assessment.



China’s insurance sector is adopting China Mobile’s video calling service, launched in July 2022, to transform post-accident vehicle damage assessment. Conventionally, insurers dispatched experts, incurring $50 per assessment on average. Now, China Mobile’s advanced video calling, powered by Huawei’s New Calling platform, expedites the process.

Jingyou Technology and Huawei collaborated on a system enabling insurers to initiate video calls with customers involved in accidents. Upon answering, customers capture damage images, upload certificates, and generate repair quotes, reducing assessment time from two hours to five minutes, cutting costs, and enhancing efficiency.

The potential market is significant, with 70 million annual car damage claims in China. Some insurers have started implementing the solution on a small scale, expecting wider adoption as network and video optimisation progress. This technology provides clear images for accurate automated damage assessment.

Apart from insurance, various sectors could benefit from seamless transactional video calls. Huawei envisions applications in equipment installation, maintenance guidance, transportation, e-commerce, logistics, and manufacturing, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

China Mobile’s New Calling service, backed by Huawei’s 5G and IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) advancements, offers ultra HD video and interactive features through dedicated data channels. It utilises augmented reality labels to guide customers. While iPhones lack support, Android smartphones are compatible.

The global VoLTE and Vo5G trend supports New Calling’s growth, with over 5 billion connections expected by 2025. China Mobile views 5G New Calling as strategic, working with partners for development.

By integrating video calls into processes, insurers can enhance efficiency and user experience, aligning with telecom advancements and opening new digital opportunities.


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