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China Mobile has introduced an innovative visualised voice calling service that revolutionises the conventional approach to voice communication. Despite the widespread appeal of video calls, a significant number of individuals continue to favour voice calls due to privacy and social considerations. This unique feature empowers users to transmit prerecorded videos while engaged in voice conversations.

This service elevates the quality of communication by facilitating the exchange of personalised avatars among users, while also allowing businesses to promote and disseminate information. Facilitated through Huawei’s advanced 5G New Calling platform, China Mobile seamlessly optimises content transmission within voice calls, thereby enhancing overall communication efficiency. The primary objectives encompass drawing in more users, fostering supplementary revenue streams, and cultivating heightened customer allegiance.



China Mobile has launched a ground-breaking visualised voice calling service, transforming traditional voice calls. Despite video calling’s popularity, many still prefer voice calls for privacy or social reasons. This feature allows users to send pre-recorded videos during voice calls.

The service enhances communication by sharing personalised avatars for consumers and enables businesses to advertise and provide information. China Mobile offers this functionality through Huawei’s 5G New Calling platform, optimising content transfer during voice calls and enhancing communication efficiency. It aims to attract more users, generate additional revenues, and improve customer loyalty.

Guan Yimin, Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Mobile, emphasises the importance of calling services and plans to develop an open calling application ecosystem using the 5G New Calling platform.

The visualised voice calling addresses network issues in video calls, utilising a dedicated data channel for a more immersive experience. China Mobile plans to expand the service to 14 provinces in Q3 2023 and eventually to all 31 provinces. Consumers will be charged for high-quality images and in-depth customisations.

ViLTE/ViNR-capable devices are required to use the service, with around 80% of China Mobile’s customers already having them. VoLTE and Vo5G networks’ rapid growth further enhances the user experience.

Huawei’s 5G New Calling platform, built with a Unified Media Function (UMF) on top of the IMS, empowers service innovation, including real-time translation and fun calling with AR-based avatars.

The international standardisation of the 5G New Calling platform ensures its global adoption, with discussions underway for deployment in different regions. An operator in Southeast Asia plans to launch visualised voice calling in late 2023.

The platform’s successful implementation promises dynamic and engaging voice calls for consumers, businesses, and public agencies. China Mobile’s visualised voice calling service represents a significant advancement in mobile communication, offering various possibilities for interactive and immersive voice calls.



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