Huawei Connect 2023

Start: Wednesday 20 September 2023 09:00

End: Friday 22 September 2023 17:00

Location: Shanghai, China

The GSMA Membership Team will be attending the Huawei Connect event in Shanghai during September 2023. Come and meet one of the team  at the Partner Zone in the exhibition hall.

The Huawei Connect website explains: “Focusing on accelerating industry intelligence, Huawei Connect 2023 will run from September 20 to 22 in Shanghai. Together with our partners, customers, and industry experts, we will explore where intelligent technology is heading, the opportunities it presents, and how we can effectively integrate intelligence into industrial scenarios.”

“Technologies like AI, networks, and cloud are pushing the boundaries of business design, boosting productivity, and redefining business models. Industries are plotting new roadmaps and moving ahead with greater speed. All industries are evolving, presenting new opportunities the likes of which we have never seen. At Huawei, we are working closely with our partners to seize these opportunities and promote shared success.”