Tower & Fibre forum: Is active sharing a must?

Tower & Fibre forum: Is active sharing a must?

Start: Wednesday 13 December 2023 16:00

End: Wednesday 13 December 2023 17:00

Venue: LinkedIn Live - GSMA Corporate

Location: Virtual

Is active sharing a must? 

Continuing from last years’ activities on Tower & Fibre, we are excited to host another webinar to continue our engagement with the community. Join us in this online session with industry leaders including Cellnex and TOTEM as we look at preparing for the future.


In this webinar, our focus will be to uncover
    • What measures are towercos implementing to facilitate the adoption of 6GHz spectrum
    • How are they upgrading equipment to ensure readiness for this advancement?
    • What opportunities lie ahead?
    • What do towercos need from MNO customers?
    • What are the constraints impacting growth in this sector?
    • And more…


Join us at 4pm GMT on 13th December 2023 as we delve further into the world of tower & fibre. Bookmark the event here


Speaker list
  • Mirko Masi, Technology Director, Cellnex
  • Sylvie Lienard, CTO, TOTEM
  • Juan de Miguel, Head of Technology Strategy and Innovation, Vantage Towers
  • Wayne Cutler, Technical Director: Networks, GSMA


Earlier this year, we have also published a paper that discuss about the industry perspectives on the evolving tower & fibre landscape, read more here

If you would like to know more about the work GSMA is doing around the Tower & Fibre sector, please contact us at