Working with the Industry

Through its work with the industry, GSMA unites mobile operators, ecosystem partners and key players in adjacent sectors such as automotive, financial services and manufacturing. Find out below how GSMA and industry work together to drive the future of mobile technology services, solutions and specifications.

GSMA Membership

We drive discussions, decisions and actions that shape the future of mobile communications, enhance the market opportunity and deliver industry intelligence for our members.

Become a GSMA member and unlock unparalleled access to the latest industry data, best practices, decision-makers and communities. Find out more.

GSMA Communities

The GSMA Communities cover the sectors of Manufacturing, Automotive, Aviation and FinTech and the technology domains of Internet of Things, Identity & Data, 5G Era and Open Networks.

These communities enable members and the wider ecosystem to share industry business drivers, technology innovations and best practices to ensure that members are well equipped to address these promising opportunities. Find out more.

GSMA Foundry

The GSMA Foundry is the go-to place for cross-industry collaboration and business development.

GSMA members and industry players come together to rapidly develop real-world solutions to industry challenges, nurture new ideas through initial commercial trials and scale proven solutions at a regional and global level to forge our digital future. Find out more.

GSMA Working Groups

The foundation of how the GSMA facilitates innovation for the future and ensures traditional services continue to operate and add value across new technologies.

Through the GSMA Working Groups experts in roaming, billing, devices, SIM, fraud and security can address and promote industry priorities and perspectives, and engineer the future of connectivity and services. Find out more.

Industry Specifications

The GSMA facilitates the creation and maintenance of industry specifications and adheres to an inclusive process, detailed in the AA.35 document, to ensure broader input and support by all affected stakeholders in the industry. Find out more.