Achievements and SIP Trials

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trials

SIP enables the delivery of converged services across multiple networks so that basic telephony and IP-based services can be used simultaneously. During 2006/7, a project led by the GSMA brought together a number of leading operators, handset and infrastructure vendors as well as carriers to work on key building blocks that would facilitate the efficient delivery of IP based services. This initiative was known as the SIP Trials.

As part of the project, an extensive series of international trials was carried out to test the core elements of the technical and commercial specifications and to demonstrate live interworking of Image Share services and Video Share. These trials were very successful on a number of fronts:

SIP Trials Guide

A comprehensive guide to the GSMA’s SIP Trials has been produced to give interested parties an insight into the background to the trials; the significance of SIP, IMS and the IPX (IP eXchange) principle.

It also gives an overview of the outcomes of the various trial campaigns undertaken by European and Asian operators and carriers. The SIP Trial Guide should also be helpful in identifying some of the requirements that operators, carriers, service providers and vendors need to consider in order to deliver a full IP service based portfolio to their customers.

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