GSMA 5G Innovation and Investment Group was initiated by GSMA and co-organized by 12 co-founding members, who are China Mobile Capital, China Telecom Investment, China Unicom Capital, China Mobile State Investment, China Broadband Capital, Chenshan Capital, Huawei, ZTE, Orient Securities Capital, CSDN, Shenzhen Valley Ventures and Deloitte China.

During this key window phase of 5G development, the group will fully leverage the global resources of GSMA mobile industries; aggregate key leadership opinions from leading investment organizations and academic communities in the mobile industry, and discover high-quality start-ups in the fields of AI, IoT, edge computing, cloud computing, big data, 5G network, security, chipset, AR/VR/XR, Fintech and vertical applications to match the innovation and investment and drive the commercialization of 5G applications.