GSMA-China Telecom Open Gateway Hackathon

GSMA-China Telecom Open Gateway Hackathon

Start: Thursday 9 May 2024 09:00

End: Friday 28 June 2024 23:00

Venue: SNIEC

Location: Shanghai

At MWC 2024 Shanghai, top experts and software developers from telecom and the connected industries will gather together. Supported by GSMA-led Open Gateway initiative, the “GSMA-China Telecom Open Gateway Hackathon”will embrace innovations around the hackthon theme of “Infinite Innovation, Connected convergence.Acorss”

The hackathon is open to developers worldwide, who will transform the profound capabilities of the telecommunications services to innovative solutions through the contest, experience the convenience brought by the standardization of communication capabilities, combine Open Gateway complied APIs with real-world scenarios, and turn innovative thinking to applications with business and social impact in a limited timeframe. Join the hackathon and show your talents on the stage at MWC Shanghai, and let us witness the exciting moments together!

Contest Overview:

1.Development Platform: The contest will rely on GSMA-China Telecom Open Gateway Open Lab, where developers will use Open Gateway standard APIs and online or offline development tools to complete software development within 48 hours.

2.Submission Format: The final deliverables can be Apps, Web pages, or other forms that can be directly applied to production and life.

3.Creative Works: Applications for reliable communication in scenarios such as industrial manufacturing, autonomous driving, drones, and virtual reality based on QoD, or anti-fraud applications in the financial sector based on APIs like SIM Swap; as well as utilizing network-native APIs like voice messaging in combination with various terminals to achieve ubiquitous communication capabilities.

4.Participant Requirements: Domestic and foreign individual developers, ecosystem partners, industry clients, and university students, etc. Developers must be of legal age and have a technical background in computer science and communications.

5.Participation Process:

  • Preliminary Round: Participants form teams of 2-5 people and elect a team leader. Teams brainstorm ideas based on Open Gateway capabilities and proprietary capabilities of China Telecom (details at, and the team leader submits the team’s creative idea online (Word, PPT, or video).
  • Semi-finals: Approximately 12 teams or 50 individuals will be selected to enter the semi-final stage, where teams will develop results over 48 hours offline using Open Lab’s development tools and Open Gateway capabilities and upload the research and development results.
  • Finals, Award Ceremony and Display: Awards will be presented during the official segment of 2024 MWC Shanghai, and the top three prizes will be displayed at 2024 MWC Shanghai.


  • First Prize: 50000 RMB (1 team)
  • Second Prize: 30000 RMB (2 teams)
  • Third Prize:  10000 RMB (3 teams)
  • Creativity Award:  5000 RMB (4 teams)
  • Additional Benefits:

-Winning works will be promoted and displayed on the China Telecom developer platform.

-The winning teams will be awarded and showcased at MWC 2024 Shanghai.

-Winning student groups will receive recommendations for internship opportunities at China Telecom.


  • Registration Opens: May 9
  • Registration & Online Idea Submission: May 9 – June 3
  • Preliminary selection and announcement of results at Open Lab: June 4 – June 5
  • Semi-finals, creation of works, 48-hour development in Shanghai: 9am, June 23 – 9am, June 25
  • Live defense of contest works, expert judges score and select the top six and innovation prizes: June 25
  • Finals & Award ceremony & work display: June 27

Evaluation of Works:

1.Completion 50%:

  • The contest work must use at least one Open Gateway standard capability.
  • The code specification, readability, maintainability, and innovation of the contest work.
  • The degree of completion and integrity of the contest work.
  • The UI design of the contest work, including interactivity and user-friendliness.

2.Project Innovation 30%:

  • Whether the contest work is original.
  • Whether the contest work solves actual industry problems.
  • Whether the contest work has commercial value.
  • Whether the contest work has real-world application scenarios.

3.Social Value 20%:

  • The contest work should be based on the concept of sustainable development and create positive value.
  • The contest work should have practical application scenarios through a complete and feasible solution.
  • The contest work should meet user needs and focus on user experience.

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