5G Use Cases for Vertical China 2021

Monday 22 Feb 2021 |

5G Use Cases for Vertical China 2021 image

The 5G Use Cases for Verticals China 2021, prepared jointly with Chinese operators and industry partners, is comprised of 21 outstanding examples of 5G-empowered applications for verticals, ranging from industrial manufacturing, ports/mines, transportation, electric power, healthcare, to content creation, and zooms into the practical scenarios, technical features, and development opportunities for the next generation technology, such as:

• How to build explosion-proof 5G base stations in challenging, complicated conditions such as underground coal mines

• How to use 5G live streaming to enable smart inventory management and remote control at an ocean-going container port whose cargo throughput has ranked first in the world for 11 consecutive years

• How to use private 5G network slices to ensure precision time service in grid power distribution in urban areas across five provinces that serve more than 18.2% of the national population

• How to adapt business operations to changes brought by new technologies in the Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure System where autonomous driving has been deployed across 60 km main bus routes and in 50 operating vehicles

• How to enable “talking” equipment, automated machine operation, and higher efficiency in a high-temperature and high-risk steel plant via 5G private network deployment

We hope that the application scenarios, lessons learnt, progress updates, and reflections in the report will inspire the journey to empower more vertical industries with 5G, in particular the upcoming large-scale 5G developments both in China and globally.