Mobile Meetings Series – Accessible banking: building trust in mobile payments for consumers

Start: Wednesday 6 October 2010

End: Wednesday 6 October 2010

Mobile technologies are offering new and more convenient payment methods than ever before. Consumers can now access banking information and services anytime, anywhere, facilitating ease of payments for Internet commerce on a grand scale. Additionally, the penetration of mobile phones has surpassed 100% in Europe, ensuring that mobile technologies are also increasing the access of consumers to banking services generally.

While the technologies exist to strengthen security for online banking services, consumers remain cautious about who can access their financial data and often still lack trust in such sensitive services. In order to realise the full benefits of mobile payments, it is clear that the trust barrier for consumers must be overcome through greater information to consumers and legal clarity for operators.

As the Parliament and Council begin discussions on the Payment Services Directive, this event will bring together a variety of stakeholders from the EU institutions, industry and civil society to discuss:

How can mobile payments improve commerce and consumer confidence in Europe?
How can stakeholders (i.e. industry, civil society, policymakers) support greater consumer trust in online and mobile payments?
In what ways will the proposal for a Payment Services Directive encourage expanded mobile payments?