Mobile Meetings Series – Care without borders? Improving access and advancing the reach of healthcare via mobile technologies

Start: Wednesday 30 November 2011

End: Wednesday 30 November 2011

mEducation: How can mobile technologies be embedded into educational practice to improve teaching and learning and advance Europe’s Digital Agenda?

As mobile technologies continue to drive near ubiquitous connectivity, they are increasing being utilised in areas beyond personal communications. As a result, new and innovative services are being made available to more people and new demographics. More possibilities, for example, to improve educational outcomes exist than ever before.
What are the benefits that can be gained from the use of mobile technologies for teaching and learning, and where is this already happening?How can mobile connectivity provide new opportunities for students, teachers, parents, corporations and other stakeholders?
Tablets are increasingly being introduced into educational establishments throughout Europe, how can we ensure the maximum benefit from the use of this mobile technology?
What hurdles remain in terms of mainstreaming mEducation in Member States?

What do we mean by mEducation?

A broad definition of mLearning is the exploitation of ubiquitous handheld technologies, together with mobile and wireless networks, to facilitate, support, enhance and extend the reach of teaching and learning. mEducation is an extension of mLearning including the full range of opportunities mobile technologies and systems offer for improving formal learning, teaching, assessment and educational administration and management.
Join an assembled group of high-level experts.