GSMA Europe Mobile Meetings Series: The consumer as king: making digital content mobile

Start: Tuesday 21 June 2016 08:00

End: Thursday 16 June 2016 10:00

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Digital technologies have radically changed the way creative content is accessed, produced and distributed. Most EU internet users listen to music, watch videos and play games online. Many citizens, especially younger people, also expect to do so when they travel within the EU. However, the latest Eurobarometer survey on Cross-border access to online content found that more than half (56%) of respondents who have tried to access content across EU borders have experienced problems: in particular, 27% only had limited access to the content and could not stream or download what they wanted. At the latest GSMA Europe Mobile Meetings Series, held on 21 June and entitled The consumer as king: making digital content mobile, officials from the European Parliament, European Commission and representatives from a variety of industry sectors discussed the potential benefits of cross-border portability and how to make this work.

The Commission is proposing cross-border portability for online content services to which consumers have lawful access, and content that they have purchased or rented online in their country of residence, which they wish to access when travelling within the EU. Participants at the event in general welcomed the European Commission’s proposal as an important step towards a Digital Single Market.

Much of the debate focused on the right verification mechanisms for the consumers’ country of residency, which will be crucial to avoid fraudulent behaviour. Participants agreed that to be successful any measures should be simple, but effective, proportionate and future proof. Participants also noted that any solutions will have to be in line with other provisions, such as the General Data Protection Regulation.

Given that the proposal is still under discussion, policymakers and stakeholders should work together to find the right balance between all players in the value chain.

For more information about the GSMA Position Paper on Content Portability click here.