Mobile Meetings Series – M-Government: A new public space for European citizens?

Start: Thursday 17 March 2011

End: Thursday 17 March 2011

A new public space for European citizens?

The EU has recognised a greater need for the deployment of effective e-government services giving citizens more flexibile and personalized ways of interacting with public administrations. The European e-government action plan for 2011-2015 aims to bring e-government services to 50% of EU citizens and 80% of EU businesses by 2015. The anytime-anywhere flexibility provided by mobile communications means that it is likely to have a key role in achieving these targets.

But what are the challenges associated with rolling out mobile e-government services? Is mobile government simply about cost savings and efficiency? Are the benefits clearly understood? Or does ease of access equate to increased citizen engagement and democratic legitimacy? To what extent does e-government coincide with e-democracy? How can we ensure that e-government doesn’t create new digital divides?