Mobile Meetings Series: European Elections 2019 – Taking Stock of the Digital Single Market

Start: Tuesday 19 March 2019 8:15

End: Tuesday 19 March 2019 10:30

Venue: Regent Park, 1st floor, Boulevard du Regent 35, 1000 Brussels

Location: GSMA Europe Office

As European elections approach and the mandate of the current European Parliament nears completion, it is time to take stock of the progress and current gaps in the realisation of the Digital Single Market (DSM). This evaluation will lay the foundation for determining the next stage of Europe’s efforts to become one of the world’s most dynamic digital markets and societies, and in particular, the role that the Parliament can take in that realisation.

Since 2014, the EU institutions, with the support of Member States, industry and civil society, have delivered on many of the objectives set out by the Juncker Commission, notably  the General Data Protection Regulation, an overhaul of the European Electronic Communications Code, the Cybersecurity Act and new rules for contracts for the sales of goods and digital content.

In light of these developments, most European political parties are already considering next steps with a view to ensuring that consumers and society as a whole benefit from the opportunities brought by the ongoing transformation of our economy. To do so requires equipping citizens and businesses with the tools necessary to manage the challenges and opportunities of Europe’s digitalization. This objective reflects wide-spread recognition that over the next five years, digital technologies will continue to radically transform the society; therefore, a key European responsibility lies in ensuring that all segments of society benefit from this transformation. Political group manifestos for the upcoming European elections demonstrate this recognition by calling for a series of measures including the promotion of digital skills, the end to geo-blocking, greater support for e-government services, a closing of the digital divide and the endorsement of gender balance in company policies and practice (especially in the tech sector).

With a view to contributing to these policy and political debates around the new mandate of the European Parliament, the next GSMA Mobile Meetings Series roundtable will bring together a group of 20 selected stakeholders. This event is by invitation only.

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Hosted in our offices, the Mobile Meetings Series are small scale – but big scope – invitation only events for the Brussels public policy audience.

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