Mobile Connect: advancing digital society: GSMA Mobile Meetings Series – 14 October 2015, Brussels

Start: Wednesday 14 October 2015

End: Wednesday 14 October 2015

Location: Brussels, Belgium

The GSMA hosted a Mobile Meetings Series breakfast debate on Mobile Connect: advancing digital society, on 14 October. Participants discussed the opportunities for citizens, businesses and governments arising from the implementation of the Regulation on Electronic identification and trust services (e-IDAS) across Europe.

The regulation aims to deliver a predictable regulatory environment in order to encourage citizens, companies and administrations to go digital. Supporting a range of tasks from submitting tax forms to accessing documents, eIDAS is designed to ensure citizens can easily and securely access services with confidence no matter where they are. Participants in the debate noted that the way in which digital identifiers work, whether provided publicly or privately, needs to be both trustworthy and transparent.

As an enabler, the mobile phone is uniquely placed to provide the convenience and security citizens want when accessing government, banking, health and gaming services. The GSMA has developed Mobile Connect, a fast and secure login system that enables individuals to access their online accounts with just a single click or, where appropriate, automatically.

The GSMA will be launching a Mobile Connect pilot scheme in December 2015 at its Mobile 360 event to provide a solution for cross-border access to government services in Europe.  Such a solution would meet all the security and convenience needs for citizens, businesses and governments to truly advance the digital society in Europe.

More information about Mobile Connect is available here.

Learn more about the application of Mobile Connect to eGoverment and read the GSMA Report on “Mobile Connect Consumer Research Report: European Union”.