Mobile Meetings Series: Competition policy in the digital age

Start: Wednesday 27 January 2016

End: Wednesday 27 January 2016

Location: Brussels, Belgium

The GSMA has published the Competition Policy Handbook: a practical guide providing thought-leading insights into how current competition policy may in some respect hinder the dynamic digital marketplace.  This publication comes at a time when policymakers are considering whether and how competition policy should be adapted to reflect the new realities of the digital ecosystem, ensuring that it promotes longterm growth and innovation to the benefit of consumers.

This Mobile Meeting Series event will look at:

  • What does it mean in practice to say that more reliance should be placed on competition law than on regulation?
  • The challenges for the application of competition law: would it make sense to adopt a different approach? In what cases? For example, should there be a special analysis for multisided markets? Could investigations be sped up? Could authorities be made less risk adverse?
  • What are the challenges for merger control in an innovative environment, both for the analysis and for process?
  • What is the role of sector specific regulation?  Is a world with no sector specific regulation conceivable?

Event Summary