Mobile Meetings Series: Connected cars: Driving the Internet of Things

Start: Tuesday 20 October 2015

End: Tuesday 20 October 2015

Location: Brussels, Belgium

In 2015, the number of connected devices in the Internet of Things is estimated to increase by 30 percent to 4.9 billion.  And, by 2020, the Internet of Things is projected to include nearly 25 billion devices.  Cars will be a major element of this growth, with at least one in five vehicles having a wireless connection by 2020.

As consumers increasingly demand ubiquitous access to wireless technologies and services, consumers are expecting their vehicles to also provide connectivity for safety, security, navigation, and entertainment purposes. In this vein, the GSMA Connected Living Programme has collaborated on joint cross-industry activities to accelerate the development and take-up of connected car services. From implementing regulations, to remote monitoring, data capture and cooperative transport networks, there are numerous opportunities for adding value for consumers and businesses by making cars more connected.


The MMS event will focus on:

  • Which technologies and regulatory frameworks are needed to realise the vision?
  • What role could regulators, automakers and operators, as well as the wider ecosystem, play in realising the vision?
  • How will key EU legislative dossiers (i.e. TSM, GDPR, privacy, cybersecurity) impact the possibilities for connected cars in the Internet of Things? 

Event Summary