Mobile Meetings Series: Connecting displaced people: mobile ecosystems for refugees

Start: Wednesday 6 April 2016

End: Wednesday 6 April 2016

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Given the ongoing migration crisis in Europe, there are continuing discussions about how to make migration safer for refugees and economic migrants.  Both refugees and migrants face numerous difficulties given the need for identification, relevant documents and registration in order to begin living in Europe.

One notable aspect of the current flow of migration to Europe, is the importance displaced people have for their mobile phone.  It not only connects them to family and friends back home, it supports them to locate local institutions, save documents, find housing, and access information in native languages to make the transition to a new place easier.  It also allows local authorities to more easily connect with asylum seekers throughout the process and track and monitor progress. Lastly, it provides an avenue for local organisations to connect with, support and help integrate refugees upon arrival – typically via online social media platforms.

The upcoming MMS will look at the role of mobile in supporting the transition of displaced people in Europe.  The focus will be on:

  • How can mobile support the processing and transition of refugees in Europe?
  • What are the current barriers for refugees to accessing mobile technology services once in Europe?
  • What role can the EU institutions play in supporting accessibility to online support systems for refugees?

Event summary