Mobile Meetings Series: Improving trust and security for consumers in Europe

Start: Wednesday 30 September 2015

End: Wednesday 30 September 2015

Location: Brussels, Belgium

The European Commission estimates that by completing the Digital Single Market, Europe could boost its GDP by almost €500 billion a year – an average of €1000 per person.  However, for new communication technologies to take off, citizens need to have trust and confidence in the Internet for a variety of services such as online banking and internet purchases. Yet, a 2012 Eurobarometer showed that one third of citizens are still unsure about using online services because of security concerns regarding their personal information and across the EU, more than one in ten Internet users has already become a victim of online fraud.


The mobile industry is a critical enabler for delivering trusted services to consumers and increasing their confidence in the security of their personal information online.  Likewise, mobile network operators have invested significantly in the security of their infrastructure and technology to support the drive towards completing the Digital Single Market.  However, there remain numerous other actors in the value chain which also have a role to play towards ensuring online security for all consumers. Security measures, such as requirements to adopt risk management practices and to report security breaches, need to be extended to the whole value chain of the digital market if we are to build trust and confidence with consumers.


In the context of ongoing discussions on the Network and Information Security Directive and the Telecoms Single Market, this Mobile Meetings Series breakfast will focus on:

What best practices examples exist for securing information on the Internet?  How can these practices be communicated to the general public to drive trust and confidence?

  • What are the key policy guidelines necessary for managing the security of the networks across Europe?
  • In what ways will the current proposals for cybersecurity help or hinder innovation in the Digital Single Market?  How do we ensure a balance between security and innovation?
  • How can public/private partnerships and capacity building on cybersecurity in Europe be more effective and aid in strengthening cybersecurity approaches?

Event Summary