Mobile Meetings Series: Network and Information Security: Achieving trust and security for citizens and for Europe

Start: Thursday 26 February 2015

End: Thursday 26 February 2015

Ensuring that Europe maintains the highest levels of network and information security across the union requires a network of trust and security between Member States. The main aim of the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive is to strengthen reporting requirements and ensure a high common level of network and information security across the EU.

The NIS Directive should aim at fostering the trust and confidence of Europeans when it comes to their security in the use of online services by adopting a global policy approach, where all stakeholders of the Internet value chain share equivalent goals and obligations.

This event will bring together a variety of stakeholders from the EU institutions, industry and civil society to discuss:

  •  What actors should be included within the scope of the NIS Directive to ensure that the legislation remains future-proof in the face of changing infrastructure?
  • What tools are necessary to ensure greater trust between Member States?
  • Can EU legislators better coordinate legislation to minimise over-lapping requirements on businesses, both large and small, regarding reporting requirements? What will be the impact if the public sector is outside the domain of the Directive?

The NIS is a first step – minimum harmonization – what is further needed to promote the European internal market of security.