Mobile Meetings Series – Personalised health: The potential of mobile technologies to improve patient outcomes

Start: Wednesday 26 June 2013

End: Wednesday 26 June 2013

In the context of an ageing population, shortage of healthcare workers and shrinking healthcare budgets, mobile technologies are playing a greater role in supporting patients to manage their own healthcare and deliver health management efficiencies. Mobile technologies and data can empower both patients and practitioners in improving healthcare to individuals while also providing broader societal benefits. Mobile devices allow patients to share and access their own data, monitor and manage their health via a variety of wellness and health applications anytime, anywhere, in ways that support quick and more accurate diagnoses by healthcare professionals.

Mobile technologies and data are also providing increasing opportunities for data analysis in order to enable more improved health outcomes for patients. As care shifts from the acute setting to the community and directly to the patient to manage his/her own care, mobile technologies have the potential to transform health systems and can play a significant role in ensuring quality, efficiency and access to patient-centred healthcare for all EU citizens.

Bringing together representatives from the GSMA, industry, health stakeholders and policymakers, the event highlighted the opportunities and challenges for using mobile technologies and derived data for improving patient outcomes.