Mobile Meetings Series: The role of Mobile in the FinTech Revolution

Start: Tuesday 5 December 2017

End: Tuesday 5 December 2017

Venue: New GSMA Europe office

Location: Regent Park, Boulevard du Régent 35, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

In the last decade, finance has been undergoing a transformation. FinTech has emerged as a new financial technology encompassing payments, wealth management, P2P lending and crowdfunding. Mobile operators and FinTech companies are very different entities: different industries, different sizes, different cultures. But there are strong reasons for them to join hands in bringing innovative and secure solutions. FinTech brings rapid innovation while mobile operators provide a powerful access to the market. Furthermore, considering the risks and the challenges posed by FinTech (e.g. money laundering, cyber-security, consumer protection and data privacy) the mobile industry has become a critical enabler for delivering trusted services to consumers and increasing FinTech activities.

The session will focus on the role of mobile operators and platforms in coping with the challenges posed by FinTech and how policies should be shaped to allow the mobile sector to effectively team up with financial service providers.

This event is by invitation-only and will gather 20 selected key decision-makers and experts on the topic.

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