Mobile Meetings Series – Scaling for data: Empowering patients, professionals and society

Start: Wednesday 8 January 2014

End: Wednesday 8 January 2014


Mobile technologies have massive potential to empower people to manage their health, facilitating individuals to measure and analyze fitness / wellness, providing patients and practitioners with monitoring and predictive analysis and enabling remote patient management, research and development.

As care shifts from the acute setting to the community and directly to the patient to manage his/her own care, mobile technologies have the potential to transform health systems and can play a significant role in ensuring quality, efficiency and access to patient-centred healthcare for all EU citizens.

The promise of mobile technologies in this context is based on their use to gather, store, analyse and share data that will often be very personal. Adoption by patients and practitioners alike is contingent upon confidence in an appropriate level of security and privacy of the data involved.

Considering the perspective of personal users of mobile health and wellness applications, how can trust and confidence be built and sustained? Representatives from GSMA, industry, health stakeholders and policy-makers reviewed the components of an accountability framework for data in this context:
– Data stored and analysed in the cloud
– Security of data
– Principles, codes of practice
– Privacy seals, certification
– International transfer of data in health / wellness app environments
– What elements already exist? Is there duplication or contradiction? What additional components may need to be developed for the future?