The 5G Huddle – Towards a global 5G vision

Start: Monday 22 September 2014

End: Tuesday 23 September 2014

‘The 5G Huddle – Towards a global 5G vision’ is 2 days of interactive discussion aimed at bringing together senior industry and Government leaders from North America, Europe and Asia.

Dan Warren, Senior Director of Technology, GSMA, will participate in the panel “Developing 5G Markets and Business Models”

What markets are we trying to address both in terms of coverage, capacity, speed and what are the routes to market, are they the same as today only bigger and better?
The business models for mobile have been unchanged since the early 1990s. Will that model still be fit for purpose in 2020 or is the technology more disposable now? Are people likely to increase or decrease their spend on mobile services? How are mobile operators going to ensure that they keep a major slice of the revenues? Will 5G bring about a merging of eCommerce, mCommerce and high street commerce? With mobile phones becoming a point of sale tool, what needs to be done to maintain consumer confidence and security? What will be the future of WiFi and other future access technologies?

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