The Mobile Meetings Series

Start: Friday 27 September 2019 8:15 am

End: Friday 27 September 2019 10:00 am

Venue: Regent Park, 1st floor, Boulevard du Regent 35, 1000 Brussels

Location: GSMA Europe Office

5G will bring a wealth of opportunities for European business and consumers. For the mobile industry, it will open up opportunities to capture value from 5G use cases and the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT). In order for Europe to fully reap the benefits of 5G’s transformative powers however, the next generation of mobile connectivity requires significant investments in the complex network, infrastructure and technology.

While the consumer shift to 5G will not start in the late 2020s, the business-two-business (B2B) market offers incremental investment opportunities for the mobile industry. These business cases however, require specific capabilities such as 5G network slicing and edge technology, which will not be available until 2022. Servicing corporate customers furthermore requires a sufficient amount of spectrum available in low-, mid- and high frequency bands. Specific 5G-use cases, such as autonomous driving and industrial IoT, could trigger new investments, but often require a much bigger technology maturity.

Building on the recommendations laid down in the European Commission’s 5G Action Plan, Member States, the financial community and the European Investment Bank should collaborate with the mobile industry to create the financial environment needed to tackle these challenges.

In this MMS, participants will discuss how, given the challenges and opportunities of the current status of the mobile industry, Europe can improve its 5G investment climate to ensure operators can secure a fast roll-out of high quality coverage.

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Hosted in our offices, the Mobile Meetings Series are small scale – but big scope – invitation only events for the Brussels public policy audience.

Join us for a different take on the main issues affecting the mobile communications industry and its place in Europe’s information society.
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