Mobile Meetings Series – Trust across borders and the role of mobile for e-signatures

Start: Wednesday 29 January 2014

End: Wednesday 29 January 2014

The mobile industry has a significant role to play to build trust in the digital economy and to ensure interoperability across Member States and across sectors in the EU Single Market. By helping everyone and everything to get connected securely and conveniently, mobile identity is increasing market digitisation with tremendous socio-economic impacts across different industry verticals ranging from m-health, m-banking, m-government, m-commerce and others.

To ensure mobile’s role and the benefits of mobile are fully realised, will require consistent approaches across the emerging policies and regulatory frameworks. In the emerging mobile identity market, the protection of privacy and security is a key issue, and industry, governments and regulators need to work closely together to clarify their roles and responsibilities.

The GSMA event will showcase the benefits and opportunities of the mobile identity in the context of ongoing discussions at EU level on eID and trust service regulation as well as the General Data Protection regulation and Patient Rights Directive 2011/24. Bringing together representatives from the GSMA, policymakers and other stakeholders, the event will discuss the necessary regulatory framework for enabling trust and broader use of the mobile identity.