Implementation Review

Third Implementation Review of the European Framework for Safer Mobile Use by Younger Teenagers and Children

In June 2010, the signatories of the European Framework for Safer Mobile Use by Younger Teenagers and Children issued national implementation reports as part of a third implementation review of the initiative across the European Union. The national implementation reports focus on how mobile operators have implemented the provisions of their national code of conduct on child protection, developed under the umbrella of the Framework.

The review, which was conducted by GSMA Europe and participating mobile operators in the period January-June 2010, concludes that significant progresrs in implementation has been made since the launch of the initiative in 2007. As of June 2010, there are 83 signatory companies implementing the Framework across the European Union through the roll-out of national voluntary agreements on child protection, known as national codes of conduct. A further eight mobile operators have signed up to a national code of conduct only, but as such are still participating in the initiative. Codes of conduct are currently in place in 25 EU Member States and under development in the remaining two. This means that around 96 per cent of all mobile subscribers in the European Union benefit from the Framework.

The findings of the review show an overall high level of compliance of mobile operators with their national codes of conduct. Many of the codes contain requirements that go beyond the scope of the Framework, demonstrating mobile operators’ willingness to go the extra mile in encouraging the safe and responsible use of mobile phones by children. Furthermore, feedback from child protection stakeholders indicates that national codes of conduct have played a key role in getting mobile operators engaged with each other and the NGO sector in making the mobile environment safer for children.

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2008 20092010

Member State

Code of Conduct/Legislation

National Implementation Report


Voluntary Code of Self-Regulation for Mobile-Telephone Operators- Code of conduct for the safe use of mobile telephones by young people (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF) original language


Belgian Code of Conduct for Safer Mobile Use by Younger Teenagers and Children(PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


Code of Conduct on Safer Mobile Use by Children and Younger Teenagers (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


The Cyprus mobile operators’ Code of Practice for the responsible and secure use of mobile services (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)

Czech Republic

General Rules of Provision of Premium Services (Premium SMS, Premium MMS) 4.1

General Recommendations for the Provision of Audiotex Services 3.2

Agreement on Implementation of National Self-Regulation (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


Framework Agreement on Mobile Content and Payment Services

Please note that the above contains examples of content of an adult nature

Guidelines for the handling of requests regarding criminal activity on the Internet (PDF)

Code of conduct for ISPs in Denmark, covering the enforcement of intellectual property rights (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


Operators’ Code of Conduct Regarding Mobile Multimedia Content (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


Code of Conduct for Mobile Phone Operators in Germany for the Protection of Minors (PDF)

Code of Conduct of the FSM – organisation for the voluntary self-regulation of multimedia service providers (PDF)

Protection of Minors in Mobile Communications- Voluntary Commitment by Mobile Communications Providers (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


Code of Conduct for Value Added Services Provided through Mobile Phones and for the Protection of Minor Users (PDF)

Annex A' Memorandum for Safer Mobile Use by Children and Younger Teenagers (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


Hungarian Mobile Telephone Service Providers Self-Regulation Code for Safer Mobile Telephone Use by Young Teenagers and Children (PDF)

Appendix no.1 Code of Ethics for Premium Rate Services (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


The Irish Mobile Operators Code of Practice for the Responsible and Secure Use of Mobile Services (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


Code of Conduct for Premium Services and Child Protection (PDF)

Code of Practice for premium rate numbers in decade 4 – operative guidelines (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children in the Field of Mobile Communications in Latvia (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


Lithuanian National Code of Practice for Safe Use of Mobile Communications by Minors (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


Code of Conduct for Electronic Content Provision by Electronic Communications Undertakings in Malta (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


Code of Conduct for the safer use of mobile telephones for children and young teenagers (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


Code of good practice in the area of safe use of mobile phones (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)



National Implementation report (PDF)


Code of Conduct for safely using the content provided on the mobile phone (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


National Code for mobile operators on safe use of mobile phones (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


Self-regulatory Code of Conduct for Public Mobile Electronic Communications Operators concerning Safer Mobile Use by Younger Teenagers and Children (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


Code of Conduct for mobile operators designed to encourage responsible use by underage persons of electronic content serviced supplied via mobile telephone networks in Spain(PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


Ethical Rules for Premium Rate Call Services (PDF)

Code of Conduct – Mobile Premium Services (PDF) 

Code of conduct- Safer use of mobile phones and services by younger teenagers and children (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)


UK Code of Practice for the Self-regulation of New Forms of Content on Mobiles (PDF)

National Implementation report (PDF)