GSMA Policy Note on the EU Digital Identity Framework (eIDAS)

The GSMA, specifically representing the European Mobile Network Operators involved in identity services in this instance, warmly welcomes the European Commission’s initiative to revise and expand the eIDAS Regulation into the EUID framework. It is encouraging to see that the initiative includes the expansion of eIDAS services to the private sector, proposes to create interoperable standardised solutions via the Toolbox and applies crucial principles such as user sovereignty and a security-by-design approach. Nonetheless, the proposal requires more precision in order to leverage the potential of digital ID and trust services on digital devices.

Crucially, mobile network operators (MNOs) are in a good position to help Member States deploy their digital wallets as quickly as possible. The industry possesses substantial assets, such as physical shops and existing digital processes for ID verification, which will allow mobile operators to help deploy digital wallets at a ‘high’ assurance level. As such, the private sector and operators must be involved in the definition of the technical aspects of the digital wallets, and the new EU ID Ecosystem notably to ensure end-to-end security as well as smooth deployment and fast adoption.

MNOs can reach any current smartphone user with a secure element, which enables tamper-proof solutions compliant with the security requirements of this Regulation. Furthermore, as long-term systemic actors already involved in authentication and compliance processes, such as Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and performing legal interceptions, MNOs can highlight what environment is optimal to allow them as well as the wider community of private actors to bring value to the framework  and meet the expectations of citizens and the European Commission. However, for the mobility industry to help deploy digital wallets and have an incentive to participate in this framework, certain elements must still be addressed in the legislation to increase the velocity of the wallet take-up.

For more information please contact:

Helene Vigue

Identity and Data Director, GSMA

Elizabeth Wiltshire

Manager, EU Affairs, GSMA

Elizabeth Wiltshire is the Manager for EU Affairs at GSMA, focusing on Digital Economy across Europe, including files on artificial intelligence and data. She is also an Associate Fellow on future technologies, with an interest in digital rights and digital inclusion, at the Institute for Global Change.

Prior to joining GSMA, Elizabeth worked across sectors and levels of governance on digital and space policy, as well as digital democracy and democratic innovation. She holds a degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Sussex.

Outside of work, Elizabeth sits on the management committee and is event lead at The Brussels Binder – a charity working for intersectional gender equality in the workplace, including an end to all-male panels, across Europe.