ILoveAPIs 2014 conference

Start: Monday 8 September 2014

End: Wednesday 10 September 2014

Venue: Fort Mason

GSMA is supporting the ILoveAPIs 2014 conference providing visibility into the future of APIs and Big Data Analytics. Delegates will hear from leading strategists and technologists from some of the most progressive organisations such as eBay, LinkedIn, Walgreens and 7-Eleven.

The GSMA will host a session on Tuesday 9 September, led by Marie Austenaa (VP and Head of Personal Data) discussing how Mobile Operators are uniquely placed to address the challenges of secure and convenient access to digital services with Mobile Connect; a secure and convenient authentication solution enabled by Mobile Operators.

In addition, the Internet of Things exhibition will demonstrate how the programmable world extends beyond the smartphone to all kinds of app and data-enabled devices and “things”.
GSMA members are eligible for a 40% discount in the ticket price, by using the GSMA40 discount code when registering for the event.
Visit the ILoveAPIs 2014 conference website for the full agenda or to register.