Identity at the GSMA Innovation City (MWCA 2018)

August 21, 2018


Hall South, Stand S.1345
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Mobile Connect, the mobile industry’s identity service, will be present at Mobile World Congress America’ GSMA Innovation City, where attendees will have the opportunity to experience how  a secure, convenient and universal service operates in a variety of contexts.

Showcasing its authentication and identity management capabilities, as well as how it functions with emerging technologies such as RCS, those in the GSMA Innovation City can examine Mobile Connect in the following demonstrations:


Secure and private access to personal data through your mobile phone: Securing online accounts using passwords is inconvenient and dangerous, and now the most forward-thinking companies are replacing them with next-generation technology. Payfone invites you to try the ridiculously easy experience of logging into an online account using Payfone’s passwordless login solution.

Demonstration in partnership with Payfone



How chatbots can leverage Mobile Connect to simplify e-commerce transactions. Experience how you can authenticate securely with Mobile Connect while using RCS chatbots when online shopping. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn how consumers can use RCS chatbots to start an e-commerce transaction before being redirected to the website, where they will use Mobile Connect to authenticate and complete their purchase.

Demonstration in partnership with Summit Tech


Mobile Connect in identity management systems for employees. Visitors will learn how a user can choose Mobile Connect authentication from their local mobile operator (in this case the Canadian operators, represented by EnStream) as a second factor to securely and easily log in to Azure Active Directory services such Microsoft Office 365.

Demonstrations in partnership with Microsoft and EnStream



Sharing data of Smart Building devices: This demonstration will how users can authenticate themselves with Mobile Connect in order to manage the data from devices in a smart building. Experience how operators can help subscribers own and share device data.

In partnership with Clayster



– Operator-facilitated authentication in the US:  US mobile network operators AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are joining forces to offer simpler and more secure, consent-based authentication and identity services. Attendees of Mobile World Congress Americas will have the opportunity to experience the new security solution including account creation, sign up, consent, and login on a mobile phone. Attendees will also see how the solution uses privacy by design principles allowing consumers to control access to their data.


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