The Mobile Connect mark

The Mobile Connect mark flags to users that they can sign in to your application/ service using their Mobile Connect user account. In order to use the Mobile Connect mark you need to:

  • Have agreed the terms of the Mobile Connect Licence Agreement
  • There are different Licence agreements for operators, digital service providers, technology platform partners and those wishing to join the Mobile Connect community

The Mobile Connect mark is available in a number of design variations. For ease, the Logo API in the API Exchange makes it easy to request the option best-suited to your application/service.



If you are a developer access to the Logo API is also available through the software development kits (SDKs) provided for Android, iOS and HTML5 applications found in the Mobile Connect Developer Portal.   These SDKs also provide and manage local storage for the images downloaded from the logo storage service. Using the Logo API service ensures you use approved variations of the Mobile Connect Service Mark.

Contact us about using logo and licensing by emailing