Mobile Connect in the Innovation City at MWCS17

See below for a list of digital identity demonstrations in the GSMA Innovation City
Across the Asia, Mobile Connect is being incorporating into a variety of services. From finance through to customer services, the digital identity solution is demonstrating how it can add a new dimension to services with secure and convenient identity. Now available to over 3 billion users, our demonstrations in the GSMA Innovation City are an ideal opportunity to experience the capabilities of Mobile Connect.


See below for a list of Digital Identity demonstrations in the GSMA Innovation City:

Demonstration Product / Type Partners
Experience how Mobile Connect provides seamless and secure login to online services with these demonstrations showcasing how consumers can access their email and travel services account using Mobile Connect, in collaboration with Chinese operators: China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom. Visitors will only have to choose Mobile Connect when logging in (adding their mobile phone number), without the need to enter any username or password. Mobile Connect Authentication China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom
Mobile Connect offers secure and private authorisation of online transactions. This pod features two demonstrations:

  • Using Mobile Connect to authorise an online transfer in the KB bank app, in collaboration with SK Telecom (Korea). Send money to a third party through the KB bank app using your mobile phone number and Mobile Connect, no need to add any extra security steps in your online banking.
  • Using Mobile Connect to authorise a payment in a Visa card at a point of sale. Attendees will learn how they can authorise a payment higher than a set specific amount in your Visa card while shopping.
Mobile Connect Authorisation KB Bank, SK Telecom, Visa
Mobile Connect helps end users engage with digital services quickly and efficiently, share personal data only when they want to and assert their identity when needed. Learn how with Mobile Connect you can automatically share your personal data with Payfone while applying for a card loan. Mobile Connect Identity Payfone.
Mobile Connect leverages mobile network information to provide a range of identification verification services to help mitigate fraud. Learn how a consumer can send money securely to a third party in an ATM and use Mobile Connect to verify that third party identity using the Pakistani financial services company TPS. Mobile Connect Attributes TPS

Wed 28th June:     09:00 – 17:30
Thu 29th June:    09:00 – 18:30
Fri 30th June:     09:00 – 17:30