Industry Seminar Presentations from MWC18: Regulations and Attributes

March 22, 2018

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Security and Privacy Essential to a Mature Digital Market  

Every month reveals a series of innovative ways to utilise data and new applications that could potentially transform everyday life. The mobile industry’s flagship event, Mobile World Congress, provides a glimpse into the market’s latest offerings, with this year’s event showcasing commercial drones, enhanced augmented reality and a variety new handsets and applications that could enable people to interact with the world in new and interesting ways.

One of the event’s most impressive examples of everyday transformation could be found Mobile Connect’s ‘authentication for healthcare’ demonstration, which illustrated how people could use their mobile phone to securely and conveniently access healthcare services from diagnosis to treatment. Across many countries, healthcare remains one of the biggest areas of public expenditure and as such, is one the industry’s under most pressure to use emerging technology to reduce costs and improve quality of care.

Yet, such demonstrations reveal more than this – they reveal where we are in our digital journey.  Typically, digital identity as a means to enable next generation services is overshadowed by the services they enable. However, the heightened presence of digital identity at this year’s event –and the growing consensus on its importance– is a sign that the wider industry has realised that identity is essential for the realisation of a new digital world composed of rich and secure services. Similar to the field IoT Security, with its newly formed consensus on the principle of ‘security by design’, the identity community seems to have reached a watershed moment.

This moment is reflected by a number of trends. Firstly, the issue of identity has gripped the attention of lawmakers across the globe and as such, has moved further up legislative agendas. The most advanced example of this is in Europe where regulations such as PSD2 and GDPR has led to the steady reprioritisation of identity and privacy among of businesses operating in Europe.

The second is the emergence of new ways of verification.

The last 12 months in the telecoms sector has been partly characterised by operators’ activity in the identity market.  An increasing number of operators across Asia, Europe and North America have either launched an identity service with authentication capabilities or established a taskforce designed to facilitate greater collaboration and interoperability.

This was underscored at Mobile World Congress 18, where a several operators explained their early success in the identity market and their plans to make greater use of customer attributes –such as location data and internet usage— to help enable seamless and secure verification via mobile networks.


Presentations: Data Attributes as the New Digital Identity Currency

Presentations: How Identity Regulations are Shaping the Digital World

On-demand videos:


Seminar: Data Attributes as the New Digital Identity Currency

Overview of the changing identity market • Marie Austenaa, GSMA


Global side of attributes: overview of global demand • Ravish Patel, BICS


U.S. Mobile Authentication Taskforce and the drive toward a trusted, identity enabled digital future for our customers • Aparna Khurjekar, Verizon • Johannes Jaskolski, AT&T

Digital identity attributes in Europe • Patrice Slupowski, Orange


Panel discussion: How are attributes helping to monetise the digital identity space in the UK?  • Atredeev Banerjee, Danal • Duncan Sturdy, Three • Fraser King, Vodafone • Glyn Povah, O2 • Jennie Avery, EE • Stephen Ufford, Trulioo • Marie Austenaa, GSMA (moderator)


An analysis of the market opportunity for cross border transactions • Dr Jesse Weltevreden, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


Panel discussion: The trend towards new age cross-border transactions • Andrzej Ochocki, Deutsche Telekom • Andy Doyoung Kim, SKT • Keiron Dalton, Aspect • Stacy Stubblefield, TeleSign • Marie Austenaa, GSMA (moderator)


Seminar: How Identity Regulations are Shaping the Digital World

Introduction to the growing importance of upcoming regulations for digital identity and the use of data for a digital transformation • Katerina Megas


International Initiatives, Shaping e-commerce  •  Ibrahim Rohman, UN University


A Smart Nation’s perspective on key trends for digital identity  • Jacqueline Poh, GovTech


eIDAS: enabling secure cross-border electronic transactions between businesses, citizens and public authorities in the Internet of Things  • Andrea Servida, European Commission


Panel discussion: Mobile Connect and eIDAS • Gunilla Nordlof, Swedish Identification Board • Jorgen Binningsbo, Difi Norway • Miquel Estapé, Open Government of Catalonia • Rikard Strid, Clayster • Serge Llorente, Orange • Marta Ienco, GSMA (moderator)


Panel discussion: The possibilities brought by PSD2: an open API economy accelerator • Elina Mattila, MobeyForum • Michael Salmony, CAPS • Oscar Mancebo, Telefonica  • Pascal Konig, Ecommerce Europe • Marina Solin, GSMA (moderator)



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