GSMA Toolkit: Mandatory SIM Registration

Tuesday 2 Jul 2013 | Publication | Resources |

GSMA Toolkit: Mandatory SIM Registration image

The importance of customer identity verification is an issue closely linked with the registration of prepaid SIM cards – which is now mandatory in a number of countries. The availability and quality of a country’s citizen identity records has a huge role to play in the successful adoption and implementation of prepaid SIM registration regulations. Accurate identity verification is also imperative if governments consider introducing e-commerce and e-government services. The GSMA has recently produced a toolkit that highlights a number of factors relevant to prepaid SIM registration in countries considering making this mandatory. The toolkit is available to GSMA Members and Associate Members on the GSMA Infocentre. To obtain a copy of the toolkit, or for more information on prepaid SIM registration, please contact the Personal Data Programme at