Mobile Connect Consumer Research Report: United States

Wednesday 14 Oct 2015 | Publication | Resources |

Mobile Connect Consumer Research Report: United States image

The ‘Mobile Connect Consumer Research Report: United States’ analyses digital challenges facing consumers and services providers in the United States based on research commissioned by the GSMA; undertaken by KRC Research and Futuresight.

Americans are becoming increasingly reliant on the digital services offered by online retailers, content providers, government agencies and banks. Yet sharing information with these service providers can be a frustrating and unsettling experience. Most US consumers struggle with log-in mechanisms that require them to remember multiple usernames and passwords, while worrying about the privacy implications of sharing personal data online.

Both consumers and service providers are looking for easier and more secure ways to share information. Mobile Connect was perceived by respondents as addressing this demand, according to the findings of the GSMA’s research. Consumers in the US see advantages in adopting Mobile Connect: 71% of respondents said they would be likely to adopt Mobile Connect as their primary log-in for most websites, apps and online services. All three of the value propositions around convenience, security and privacy resonated with US smartphone users. American Service Providers, in particular, are interested in Mobile Connect’s potential to:

  • Accelerate and ease verification and authentication to make it easier to interact with consumers.
  • Reduce friction (e.g. dropped logins, abandoned shopping carts) to increase registration and engagement.
  • Enable access to subscriber attributes (regardless of their operator) to provide better and more secure services.

This paper is written primarily for Service Providers in the US who could benefit from adopting Mobile Connect as a secure authentication solution, protecting them and their customers online.

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