WIPJam @ MWC’14: Mobile Identity Workshop Presentations

Tuesday 4 Mar 2014 | Presentation | Resources |

WIPJam @ MWC’14: Mobile Identity Workshop Presentations image

User login, authentication and identity are complex and multi-dimensional topics for developers involving many challenges. To tackle these, developers can make use of the services of identity providers via web-standards like Open ID Connect.

In this workshop with the title “Leveraging the power of mobile identity: Increase security, simplicity and reach of your apps” participants gained insights into the opportunities of working with mobile operators and learned how to utilise the mobile phone as a secure and trusted authentication tool.

Download Workshop Agenda

Download Presentation: Securing identity and privacy across mobile and IoT devices
by Paul Fremantle, WSO 2

Download Presentation: OpenID Connect @ Deutsche Telekom
by Torsten Lodderstedt, Deutsche Telekom

Download Presentation: Telenor Connect
by Torgeir Hovden, Telenor Digital

Download Presentation: How to Build Social Apps with Operator Identity
by Rhys Lewis, Apigee