Report: Mobile Connect Turbocharges New Services


Friday 12 Apr 2019 | Resources |

How Turkcell’s mobile authentication service is helping Turkey’s start-ups to grow This case study explores how Turkcell is harnessing the global Mobile Connect authentication solution to support its own digital ...

Mobile Connect Workshop Presentations at MWCA Identity Seminar


Monday 15 Oct 2018 | Presentation | Resources |

The seminar Mobile Connect Seminar: Reducing Fraud through Secure Authentication and ID Verification Services, brought together h wider mobile ecosystem aiming to prevent fraud by providing strong digital ...

Mobile Connect Workshop Presentation at Mobile 360 Digital Societies in Bangkok


Wednesday 12 Sep 2018 | Presentation | Resources |

The Mobile Connect workshop: Delivering commercial success through identity services attendees had the opportunity to learn the value and commercial scalability of mobile-based identity services in the Asia-Pacific ...

Turkcell: Taking the next step in Identity with Mobile Connect


Sunday 20 May 2018 | Publication | Resources |

Turkcell are now leveraging Mobile Connect to actively develop services they believe will be the basis of a new revenue stream. In this case study find out what steps Turkcell are taking to leverage the full potential of Mobile ...

Mobile Connect live use cases


Wednesday 25 Apr 2018 | Publication | Resources |

The Mobile Connect live use cases are a list of examples of how the identity solution has been deployed with various services.  Each use case harnesses one or more Mobile Connect products and provides insight into how the identity ...

Mobile Connect for Cross-Border Digital Services: Lessons Learned from the eIDAS Pilot


Monday 19 Feb 2018 | Publication | Resources |

The GSMA has released the results of the Mobile Connect and eIDAS implementation pilot. The year-long collaboration brought together several public and private sector organisations seeking to accelerate the uptake of trusted and secure ...

Mobile Connect in the GSMA Innovation City @MWC18


Tuesday 12 Dec 2017 | Publication | Resources |

Mobile Connect, the mobile industry's identity solution, will be present at Mobile World Congress' GSMA Innovation City where attendees will have the opportunity to experience it in a variety of contexts. Showcasing its ...

Presentations from the Mobile Connect Summit Singapore


Tuesday 12 Dec 2017 | Presentation | Resources |

The Mobile Connect Summit was a forum for all stakeholders engaged with digital identity and  addressed the status of Mobile Connect deployments both globally and in the Asian market. You can download presentations from the event ...

Mobile Connect Privacy Principles


Tuesday 14 Nov 2017 | Publication | Resources |

The Mobile Connect Privacy Principles are intended to guide the use of personal information in Mobile Connect branded services. Mobile Connect enables verified authentication, authorization, identity and attribute solutions from ...

MWCA Mobile Connect Seminar Presentations


Tuesday 10 Oct 2017 | Presentation | Resources |

The Mobile Connect Seminar at the 2017 Mobile World Congress Americas was designed for operators and digital service providers looking to offer secure identity services to their customers. Highlighting the global growth of Mobile ...

Driving Mobile Connect Usage – Turkcell


Saturday 13 May 2017 | Publication | Resources |

Looking to improve its customers’ experience and further differentiate its proposition, Turkcell launched Mobile Connect initially on its self-care mobile application and website, which attracts high volumes of traffic. In this case ...

Mobile Connect London Summit: Presentations


Friday 28 Apr 2017 | Presentation | Resources |

Taking place on the 25th and 26th April, the Mobile Connect London Summit was a forum for leading figures in the wider mobile industry to debate the most pressing issues in the digital identity market, and how these could be overcome ...

SK Telecom: Integrating Existing Identity Solutions into Mobile Connect


Tuesday 18 Apr 2017 | Publication | Resources |

In December 2016, SKT adapted both T-Auth and T-ID to comply with the Mobile Connect specifications. The goal was to make it easier for international customers to use SKT’s apps and services, and to increase the appeal of T-Auth and ...

SIM Toolkit Device Requirements to Improve Mobile Connect Customer Experience


Tuesday 10 Jan 2017 | Publication | Resources |

This document presents the requirements for the device to improve the user experience of the Mobile Connect SIM applet authenticator. The ETSI (The European Telecommunications Standards Institute) TS 102 223 describes the interface ...

Mobile Connect demonstrations


Friday 25 Nov 2016 | Resources | Videos |

As Mobile Connect advances, more examples of its uses continue to emerge. These two videos are the latest demonstrations of Mobile Connect in action. The first illustrates how Mobile Connect can be used to with biometrics, to gain ...

Mobile Connect: mobile high-security authentication


Monday 10 Oct 2016 | Publication | Resources |

This non-technical paper is designed to address security questions related to authentication, especially with respect to payments, banking and online commerce. It explains how Mobile Connect can deliver improved security and privacy ...

How Mobile Connect Can Transform Digital Banking


Monday 19 Sep 2016 | Publication | Resources |

Consumers like the convenience of being able to bank and transact online using a PC, tablet or smartphone. However, the available authentication procedures involving multiple usernames, passwords, security codes and automated telephone ...

Mobile Connect – Indian Overview


Sunday 4 Sep 2016 | Publication | Resources |

Mobile Connect is now available to more than 800 million consumers across India. Mobile network operators (MNOs) offering Mobile Connect services are Aircel, Bharti Airtel, Idea, Tata Teleservices Ltd, Telenor and Vodafone. This ...

Video: Mobile Connect in India


Wednesday 27 Jul 2016 | Resources | Videos |

India is undergoing a digital revolution. The country's strong economic growth and rising number of connections is transforming everyday life. This represents a huge opportunity for digital service providers who now have far greater ...

Video: Mobile Is Everything – Mobile Connect


Monday 22 Feb 2016 | Blog | Resources | Videos |

The power of Mobile Connect in spoken word poetry. Mobile Connect is a secure universal identity solution. Simply by matching the user to their mobile phone number, Mobile Connect offers ...