Vendors are important partners in the Mobile Connect ecosystem and are highly supportive and active in the Identity programme.  To reflect their value, the GSMA Mobile Connect Vendor Forum has recently been created to act as focal point and to foster faster and greater collaboration between mobile network operators wishing to deploy Mobile Connect and vendors whose infrastructure products, e.g. authenticators and identity gateways, qualify as Mobile Connect compliant products

GSMA is specifying the necessary requirements as there is an urgent and important need for the industry to work in cooperation to accelerate and establish a consistent and standardised set of services for managing digital authentication and identity globally.

Vendors can engage on one of three levels:

Mobile Connect Accelerator (MCX) technology partner

The most complete support role a vendor can play is that of a Mobile Connect Accelerator (MCX) technology partner, delivering a seamless Mobile Connect managed service for an operator. See here for the latest line up of MCX vendors and their offerings.  The GSMA Mobile Connect Accelerator Service Description document sets out the service standard vendors need to demonstrate to be considered eligible.

Mobile Connect VendorsMCX Vendors

Mobile Connect vendor licence

The next level is when a vendor and their nominated products qualify for a Mobile Connect vendor licence and thus can declare that the said product is Mobile Connect compliant. A list of Mobile Connect compliant products can be found on our Mobile Connect vendors or MCX vendors page, above. You can download the GSMA Mobile Connect Vendor Licence, below.
Download GSMA Mobile Connect Vendor Licence

GSMA Mobile Connect Vendor Forum

And the final level, is for newcomers to the Identity programme and GSMA who are not yet engaged in the Programme but who wish to find out more about the Mobile Connect specification, the roadmap and how to get involved. These companies are encouraged to join the GSMA Mobile Connect Vendor Forum, our only requirement is that for those who are not already a member of the GSMA or a Mobile Connect Licensee, then an NDA is signed.

As Mobile Connect seeks to continue to build on the rapid reach achieved in 2015 and expand across multiple markets there is also a need to penetrate deeper in each market.  To support this goal, the GSMA Mobile Connect Vendor Forum also warmly invites partners who already have Operator specific proposition/business relationships, partner such as aggregators, system integrators and value added resellers, to become active participators.

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