Veon’s MobileID gains momentum with international mobile operators and leading online companies.

Veon has announced that its MobileID authentication system has gained significant user, operator and online business support. Following a surge in VEON’s Russian customers using MobileID from 600,000 in December 2021 to over one million today, VEON has announced the expansion of MobileID to its mobile operators in Uzbekistan, Georgia and Pakistan. MobileID has also been adopted by other international mobile operators, including MTS, Megafon, Tele2, and Digicel, and online service providers and retailers supporting MobileID now include 38 leading companies.

The news illustrates the growing appetite from major brands to secure online authentication through mobile operators’ solutions. Mobile networks’ built-in security and knowledge of customers are combined into Mobile ID. For consumers the solution marries security and convenience. It also addresses complex issues around online trust and the use of their personal data.

The news also signals the power of mobile operators working together. Mobile ID was launched in Russia. It is now expanding to Veon’s international footprint and beyond with the support of international operators Etisalat and Digicel. Online businesses need a unified solution to reach millions of consumers across mobile operators. To do just this, the GSMA universal Mobile Connect service serves as the foundation to Mobile ID.

From the consumer perspective, Mobile ID is tackling the complex challenge of giving users control over how their data is shared. Compliance with local data privacy laws and other regulations only forms the starting point. Other considerations include educating users to the use of their data, empowering them with meaningful control, yet preserving a fluid customer experience. Mobile ID permission control system is one to watch for how to deliver this at scale.

Mobile ID is expanding beyond online authentication into physical security such as providing access to buildings. Digital identity solutions often tackle online challenges. Here we have a reminder of the potential for mobile solutions to support Industry 4.0.

For operators, mobile identity solutions can open up new revenue channels in the form of value-added services based on the existence of a robust, recognised identity. Beyond the revenue opportunity, as Kaan Terzioglu, CEO of VEON, states, these solutions are also about mobile operators “societal responsibility to protect [their] consumers and business customers.”

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