Connection Efficiency Protection Mechanisms within Mobile Networks

Connection Efficiency Protection Mechanisms within Mobile Networks

Mobile networks operators will implement protection mechanisms within their mobile networks to protect their networks from any harm caused by inefficient IoT Devices and IoT Applications.

This annex lists some of the protection mechanisms that network operators may use, usually as a ‘last resort’, within their networks and describes the impact that such mechanisms may have on the IoT service.

It is recommended that IoT Device makers and IoT Application developers be proactive and implement the requirements listed in this document rather than rely on the network operator’s protection mechanisms. Implementing protection mechanisms within the device will mean the IoT Device maker and IoT Service Provider are best placed to monitor and address device and service performance issues without their services being impacted by Network Operator actions.

Use of SIM Toolkit Applications 

Some operators implement a SIM toolkit application within their SIM card that detects inefficient IoT Device behaviour such as repeated device reboots or aggressive network connection reattempts. If the SIM application detects such behaviour it will temporarily disable the network access credentials within the SIM thus preventing the IoT Device from being able to connect to the network for a period of time. The time period that the SIM disables the network access credentials will increase until the IoT Device behaviour returns to normal.

Use of Dynamic Billing 

Some operators will implement dynamic billing so that IoT customers are subject to different network charges at different times of the day. Such a mechanism could be used, for example, to discourage the mass synchronised behaviour of IoT Devices at certain periods of the day.

Barring of Network Connectivity 

Some operators continuously monitor IoT Device behaviour from within their networks and will temporarily disable the subscriptions associated with IoT Devices if they are creating abnormally high levels of signalling or data load on the network. Network operators will usually apply temporary restrictions for short periods of time until the device behaviour returns to normal. If the IoT Device continues to perform inefficiency, and impacts the overall performance of the network and, potentially, other users of the network, the network operator may permanently disable the subscription associated with the problematic device.