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Cellular technologies are driving the transformation of the automotive industry and the mobility ecosystem. The secure and established 4G LTE network infrastructure provides the benefits of a connected vehicle market and smoother travelling experience already today. 5G brings significant improvements to bandwidth, latency and reliability, and is not only vital to the enablement of fully autonomous and cooperative driving, but will also create new business opportunities and value-added services while enabling a safer, healthier and more efficient way of life for commuters and citizens.

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Connecting Vehicles with C-V2X


Sunday 1 Sep 2019 | 5G | Automotive & Mobility | C-V2X | Resources | Smart Cities Transport |

Connected vehicles will drastically improve road safety, traffic efficiency and environmental progress – but only with a reliable, secure technology that has the backing of a strong ecosystem. This technology is C-V2X (Cellular ...

Connected Cars Infographic


Monday 1 Jul 2019 | Automotive & Mobility | C-V2X | Resources | Smart Cities Transport |

The automotive sector is one of the largest growth opportunities in the IoT. This infographic contains a range of information on coverage, reliability, evolution and net economic benefits.

Automotive IoT Security: Countering the Most Common Forms of Attack


Wednesday 7 Mar 2018 | Automotive & Mobility | IoT Security | Resources | Security |

Over the past several decades, a pattern has emerged in information security: the attackers are winning, and they are winning faster. As the Internet of Things (IoT) evolves, and industrial systems become better connected, such attacks ...

Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything – Enabling Intelligent Transport


Tuesday 2 Jan 2018 | Automotive & Mobility | Resources |

More than 800 mobile operators around the world have deployed networks that are compatible with the 3GPP standards, enabling them to benefit from global interoperability and economies of scale. In June 2017, 3GPP finalised Cellular ...

Smarter and Safer Driving: The Rollout of Cellular V2X Services in Europe


Friday 29 Sep 2017 | 5G | Automotive & Mobility | C-V2X | Resources |

Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (Cellular V2X) describes a set of technologies that allow vehicles to communicate with each other and other smart transport solutions via existing cellular networks in licensed spectrum. Cellular V2X ...

Transforming the connected car market


Thursday 24 Mar 2016 | Automotive & Mobility | Remote Provisioning | Resources |

The connected car a huge market opportunity for auto manufacturers, operators and connected service providers and of one the main growth areas of M2M and IoT. According to Machina Research, the total global revenue for the Connected ...

Telefónica helps car rental firms boost revenue


Friday 15 Jan 2016 | Automotive & Mobility | Resources | Smart Cities |

This case study looks at a Telefónica-developed specialist telematics solution which enables car rental companies to maximise both the time vehicles are on hire and the resale value of their fleet. Part of Telefónica’s Fleet Management ...

EE helps bring safer driving to the UK’s roads


Tuesday 12 Jan 2016 | Automotive & Mobility | Resources |

This case study examines how UK mobile operator EE is collaborating with insurance companies to provide drivers with a tailored policy that reflects their driving style and the miles they cover. Fitted inside the driver’s vehicle, a ...