Connected China at MWC19 Shanghai 连接中国 世界移动大会-上海

May 7, 2019



Leading the World in Mobile IoT


26-27 June: 09:00 – 17:00 | 28 June: 09:00 – 16:00
Hall E7, 4YFN, Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)

With over 430,000 engineering graduates – more than the US and India combined[1] – and as the fastest growing nation for software developers globally[2], China has established itself as an exciting destination for leading edge hardware engineers and software developers. Thriving tech hubs like Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen combined with exponentially increasing salaries in the industry and ongoing venture capital investments[3] are making China a dynamic and fast-moving place to work that keeps raising the bar in the international playing field of technological innovation.

A rapidly expanding IoT is set to strengthen the country’s leading position in technological prowess and fuel its already vibrant developer ecosystem further. With NB-IoT networks readily available by all three major mobile operators, and LTE-M networks currently being trialled, the IoT market in China provides immense potential for developers. These mobile networks offer cost effective connectivity for low power devices with battery lives measured in years that are required to operate in hard to reach locations, often beyond power sources.

At Connected China at MWC 2019 Shanghai, aspiring start-ups are demonstrating how they have leveraged this thriving developer environment that facilitates continuous progress and innovation.

Nine companies are showcasing IoT products and solutions that use low power wide area (LPWA) Mobile IoT technologies, also known as LTE-M and NB-IoT. Focusing on three key vertical markets of the IoT, Smart Industry, Smart Cities and Smart Home, Connected China puts the country’s technological leadership centre stage and shows why China is the place to be for dynamic and eager developers and engineers.


Shanghai Chenghan, China Mobile Connected Faces
Connecting faces for healthier skin: the Nbeauty 5G Skin Robot collects information about skin features in real-time and, using Artificial Intelligence, correctly diagnoses conditions and suggests treatments accordingly. Used by hundreds of Chinese medical and aesthetic institutions, and with over 10,000 user experience reports, the skin robot demonstrably replenishes and restores smooth, healthy skin, reduces wrinkles, prevents whelks, and even improves sleep. With NB-IoT technology at its core, the skin robot uses very little data and keeps cost at a minimum with only ¥20 RMB (approx. £2.30) spent in up to a month.
Guangdong Bida Security System, China Mobile Smart Doorlock
The NB-IoT smart doorlock is a convenient and easy to use solution to manage secure access to homes, hotels, offices and other complexes. The door can be unlocked with fingerprint, password, card, mechanical key or the app, and remote key sharing allows owners to authorise and control access for friends and family members. Using NB-IoT means the smart doorlock is always reliable and securely connected, and owners can not only monitor access to their homes anywhere and anytime, but will also receive a timely alarm in case of unauthorised access.
Oviphone Technology Safeguarding Loved Ones: Pet Tracker and Wearable Devices
Over 30,000 pet trackers and wearable devices have been deployed to safeguard young children, the elderly and even pets. While the pet tracker allows owners to check the location of their dog or cat anywhere and anytime, sending alerts when the animal leaves a geo-fenced area, the wearable devices also monitor heart rate and blood pressure. NB-IoT provides family members, carers and pet owners with a reliable and cost efficient solution that uses low data rates, supports long battery lives and operates in remote and hard to reach locations, giving peace of mind that loved ones are safe.



China Unicom, Linkor InfoTech Industrial Equipment Rapid Access and Data Analysis
The rapid access and data analysis system for industrial equipment, based on LTE-M, NB-IoT and 4G, combines real-time data monitoring with historical data for advanced analytics, enabling predictive maintenance and the fast interworking of industrial equipment, leading to reduced equipment failure and greater production efficiency. Sensors collect a wide variety of data, including, for example, status data on processing, cooling and lubrication, power and speed of the main shaft, voltage, temperature and humidity. LTE-M and NB-IoT provide reliable network connectivity and prevent data congestion, making it the preferred choice for industrial solutions.
Ericsson, China Mobile Ericsson Nanjing Panda Smart Factory – Lean Production Immediate Communications with Mobile IoT
Working together with China Mobile, as a pilot in the industrial market for cellular technology, Ericsson Nanjing Panda Smart Factory has developed several use cases including smart screwdrivers maintenance, passive critical asset monitoring, streamlining the Andon system, environmental monitoring, and more. The wireless Andon system is crucial for lean production by providing immediate communication directly to the appropriate engineer from the factory line, reducing lead-time for problem solving. With this wireless solution, powered by LTE-M and NB-IoT, the factory can enable flexible production lines, configured on-demand and with easy data collection, analysis, and optimisation.
Sino-Telecom, Huawei Gas Sensing for Industrial IoT
This NB-IoT powered solution facilitates the real-time monitoring of flammable and explosive gases, pressure and flow rate in gas pipelines, and overall air quality. The prompt detection of faults with industrial equipment and the presence of harmful gases enable companies to not only improve operational efficiencies, but also to take countermeasures in a timely manner to ensure the health and safety of workers and citizens in close vicinity. Using NB-IoT ensures very long battery lives for the monitoring equipment, leading to reduced management and maintenance cost, and reliable coverage in hard to reach locations, making NB-IoT the preferred technology for gas sensors that are installed in pipelines deep inside industrial factories.



Sunsea AIoT Technology, China Telecom Smart AIoT City
The planned Smart AIoT City project sees the installation of 500,000 NB-IoT sensors covering 37 km² in the Jing’an District, turning the area into a truly smart community. The devices will range from manhole covers and fire hydrant water pressure sensors to gas and smoke detectors to numerous environmental sensors. An integrated platform will centralise all data and drive intelligent analysis and improvements around urban traffic management, healthcare, environmental monitoring, regulation of public facilities, community safety management, and more.
Suntront Tech, China Unicom Smarter Cities with Smart Metering
This NB-IoT smart meter solution combines the IoT with big data, making energy management more intelligent. NB-IoT supports battery lives measured in years and provides improved and reliable coverage in hard to reach locations, such as underground and deep inside buildings, making it the preferred low power technology for smart metering. With over 25,000 NB-IoT gas and water meters deployed, Suntront Tech provides consumers and business with cost savings and a convenient lifestyle, while increasing efficiencies for utility companies.
Wuhan Turbo Technologies, China Mobile Intelligent Fire Alarm
With over 100,000 commercially deployed NB-IoT devices, including fire alarms, temperature sensors, smoke and gas detectors, this intelligent fire alarm solution is saving lives across China. NB-IoT allows for large-scale deployments of low cost IoT devices with long battery lives and reliable connectivity, leading to low maintenance requirements of the devices. The solution monitors temperature, smoke and flammable gas, as well as state of the equipment, such as battery life and tampering, to ensure the safety of consumers in case of a fire. The fire protection platform is used to manage the deployment of equipment and fire fighters, track their location and disseminate information to relevant personnel in real time.


连接中国 – 移动物联网引领世界

6 月 26 日 至 6 月 27 日:9:00 – 17:00 | 6 月 28 日:9:00 – 16:00
上海新国际博览中心 (SNIEC) E7 展厅 4YFN 活动现场

中国拥有超过 43 万名工程专业毕业生(多于美国和印度的总和),是全球软件开发增速最快的国家,现如今,中国已一跃成为顶尖硬件工程师和软件开发商最青睐的国家。中国拥有北京、杭州、上海和深圳等蓬勃发展的科技中心,国内软件行业的工资呈指数增长,风险资本投资持续升温,这些因素使其成为一个生机勃勃、高速发展的工作场所,同时也在不断提高国际技术创新领域的门槛。

物联网的飞速发展将会巩固中国在科技实力方面的领先地位,并将为其充满生机的开发者生态系统提供进一步的支持。鉴于三大移动运营商均已支持窄带物联网,且目前正在试用 LTE-M 网络,对于开发商而言,中国的物联网市场无疑焕发出巨大的商机。移动网络能够为低功耗设备提供经济高效的连接,这些设备配备的电池寿命可达数年,需要在难以触及的(通常超出电源范围)位置运行。

在 MWC19 上海的互联中国展会上,斗志昂扬的初创企业将展示它们如何借助蓬勃发展的开发者环境来实现持续不断的进步和创新。 九家公司将展示其采用低功率广域 (LPWA) 移动物联网技术(即 LTE-M 和窄带物联网)的物联网产品和解决方案。互联中国专注于物联网的三大关键垂直市场 – 智慧工业、智慧城市和智慧家庭,在舞台中央彰显了中国的科技领导力,同时也诠释了中国备受开发商和工程师青睐的原因所在。


上海橙汉, 中国移动四川公司 5G优肤机器人
NBeauty 5G优肤机器人主机,对接石墨烯纯银射频线圈的营养液智能面膜,实现无痛无创面部加注玻尿酸,水解胶原等营养物质。可以达到预防痤疮、深层补水、淡化细纹、紧致皮肤、改善睡眠等功效。NBeauty应用中国5G物联网NB-IOT频段,实现皮肤频率和肤质检测、微电流无创加注养分、射频美容按摩、以及护肤诊疗参数传输。NBeauty与日本MSP肤质特征库人工智能系统对接,为每一个用户AI订制护肤方案,建立私人优肤档案。
广东必达, 中国移动四川公司 智能门锁
欧孚通信 关怀你的所爱:宠物追踪器和可穿戴设备
我们已经商用超过3万多个NBIOT 的宠物跟踪器和可穿戴设备。 用户可以查询和定位狗或猫的位置,当宠物离开设定的区域会发送警报。可穿戴设备监控用户的位置、检测心率和血压,在儿童、老人和特殊人群广泛使用。



中国联通, 领克信息 工业设备快速接入及数据分析系统
爱立信, 中国移动江苏公司 南京爱立信熊猫智能工厂 – 利用移动物联网实现精益生产即时通讯管理
欣诺通信, 华为 工业气敏传感方案
我公司提供的工业气感解决方案有助于实时监测易燃易爆气体,天然气管道中的压力和流速以及整体工作环境的空气质量。 通过对工业设备运行状态监控和危险气体监控,及时发现故障,使企业提高运营效率,针对潜在危险及时采取对策,确保附近工人和公民的健康和安全。 使用NB-IoT可确保监控设备的电池寿命非常长,从而降低管理和维护成本,并在人工查看盲点位置实现可靠覆盖,可以说是成为安装在工业工厂深处管道中的气体传感器的首选技术



日海智能, 中国电信 智慧感知城市
“静安151”项目预计将在静安区安装占地37平方公里的500,000个NB-IoT传感器,将该地区变成一个真正的智慧城市模范专区。 这些设备包括井盖和消防栓水压传感器,气体和烟雾探测器,以及众多环境传感器。 日海AI智慧城市感知平台(AI城市神经中枢)将集中所有数据,推动围绕城市交通管理,医疗保健,环境监测,公共设施监管,社区安全管理等方面的智能分析和改进。
新天科技股份有限公司, 中国联通 智慧计量让城市更智能
武汉拓宝, 中国移动四川公司 智能火灾报警


[1] Wadhwa Vivek, Gary Gereffi, Ben Rissing, and Ryan Ong. “Where the Engineers Are.” Issues in Science and Technology 23, no. 3 (Spring 2007)

[2] Evans Data, 2018

[3] Reuters, 2018


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