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GSMA IoT Webinar Series 2018-19


Monday 11 Feb 2019 | Advanced Air Mobility | IoT Security | MIoT Technology | Resources |

The GSMA Webinar Series returns this year covering the subjects of industrial IoT, drones, operator capability and the role of the SIM in the wider Internet of Things. Our webinar series features leading experts who will share their ...

Infographic: a Look into the Future of Mobile-Enabled Drones


Thursday 7 Feb 2019 | Advanced Air Mobility | Resources | Smart Cities Transport |

The drones market is an area of the IoT forecast for huge growth. This infographic acts as a useful guide to the most essential facts and figures on this burgeoning vertical market.

Using Mobile Networks to Coordinate Unmanned Aircraft Traffic


Friday 23 Nov 2018 | Advanced Air Mobility | Resources | Smart Cities Transport |

This report outlines potential UTM architecture and requirements, highlighting the UTM-related use cases for mobile networks and the benefits that mobile connectivity can bring to UTM. It considers the role of mobile networks in ...

GSMA IoT On-Demand Webinar: Cellular – the missing link for drones?


Friday 9 Nov 2018 | Advanced Air Mobility | Resources | Smart Cities Transport |

Join leading industry experts as they discuss the latest developments in how cellular communications enables BVLOS operation of commercial drones. This webinar was originally broadcast  on  7 November 2018 at 10am ET and 3PM ...

Drones Case Study: Search and Rescue Supported by Drones on a Cellular Network


Wednesday 5 Sep 2018 | Advanced Air Mobility | Resources |

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are already in use for a multitude of applications. The regulatory framework is presently still being shaped, and there remains some scepticism around their value and safety; however, use cases beyond ...

Mobile-Enabled Unmanned Aircraft


Thursday 8 Feb 2018 | Advanced Air Mobility | Resources |

Mobile networks are uniquely placed to support the safe usage of unmanned aircraft (UA), which are becoming increasingly popular with consumers and business users. Today UA are generally connected to a ground control system via limited ...

On-Demand Webinar: Accelerating the Commercial Drones Market using Cellular Connectivity


Sunday 19 Nov 2017 | Advanced Air Mobility | Resources |

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are an increasing feature of modern life. As their usage grows, the role of mobile networks becomes more important in providing secure communication and identification services, and providing ...

GSMA Regulatory Position on Drones


Thursday 31 Aug 2017 | Advanced Air Mobility | Resources |

This consultation response explains the benefits of cellular connectivity in more detail before identifying potential barriers to cellular connectivity that regulators should be aware of. Much technical work is happening in the drone ...