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Webinar: Customer Experiences of Live Mobile IoT (LPWA) Networks


March 21 @ 3:00 pm
March 21 @ 4:00 pm

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Mobile Operators around the world have been deploying Mobile IoT rapidly across their networks, with 38 deployments to date. This growth will accelerate in 2018 enabling more businesses and consumers to enjoy the benefits of secure, cost effective, low power IoT connection.

This webinar is focused on the latest experiences of live Mobile IoT services. It is aimed at businesses looking to build trusted IoT solutions and operators looking to expand their IoT product portfolio to include scalable, low power networks.

Hear from both customers and operators working in key IoT market sectors including industrials, utilities and agriculture.

Key topics:

    • Business rationale for Mobile IoT – cost effective solutions enabling increased efficiency
    • Low power consumption – performance of IoT devices with battery lives measured in years
    • Enhanced coverage – ability of technology to deliver greater breadth and depth of coverage
    • Security – enhancing security of IoT solutions while maintaining the cost effectiveness
    • Customer experience – satisfaction with performance to date

Featured Speakers

Lauren Purnel, Project Manager for Mobile IoT, GSMA

Lauren Purnell is a Project Manager for Mobile IoT, leading on commercial deployments of Mobile IoT. Lauren has been involved in delivering a number of Mobile IoT projects, and was at the forefront of the development of the Mobile IoT Deployment Guides. Currently, Lauren is bringing together mobile operators and vendors from the Mobile IoT ecosystem to help accelerate the commercial availability of Mobile IoT globally.
Hua Chen, Chairman of the Board & General Manager, AOTOSO

Nicholas Vassilaki,CEO, Astute, Inc.

Nicholas Vassilakis has devoted his career to helping bring disruptive technologies to market. Of special interest is the burgeoning field of wireless healthcare, which represents a strong personal passion for Vassilakis. He is currently the founder and CEO of Astute, Inc., which partners with blue chip companies like Microsoft and AT&T to develop wireless healthcare solutions.

Owen Moore, B.Sc.,M.Sc., Chairman and CEO, BeWhere

Mr Moore is a pioneer of applications which utilize wireless technology, having launched solutions which cover the spectrum of wireless data technologies over the last 20 years; from EDAC;s, Mobitex, Ardis, 1XRTT, HSPA to NB-IOT and LTE-M, Mr. Moore has successfully launched innovative and disruptive products which remain relevant in their respective industries.


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