GSMA IoT at Hannover Messe 2018

Start: Monday 23 April 2018 9:00 am

End: Friday 27 April 2018 6:00 pm

Venue: Hannover Exhibition Grounds

Mobile IoT networks are designed for Internet of Things (IoT) applications that are low cost, use low data rates, require battery lives measured in years, and often operate in remote and hard to reach locations, such as underground or deep inside buildings.

Mobile IoT, specifically LTE-M and NB-IoT, is the official 3GPP industry standard for secure Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies in licensed spectrum, and with over 40 commercial network deployments around the world, Mobile IoT presents a huge opportunity for the industrial sector. GSMA Intelligence estimates that by 2025, there will be 1.9bn cellular licensed LPWA IoT connections – more than half of all LPWA connections.

Join the GSMA Internet of Things Programme team at Hannover Messe to find out more about the opportunities and rapid growth of Mobile IoT, and how these technologies can empower and shape the future of industry. There are complimentary tickets exclusive for GSMA Members. Please email for details.


Entwicklung effizienter und verlässlicher NB-IoT-Anwendungen

Melden Sie sich jetzt an für unser NB-IoT Seminar, geleitet von führenden Experten der Deutschen Telekom!

Erfahren Sie mehr über die jüngsten Bemühungen und Erfolge der Deutschen Telekom im Bereich Low Power Wide Area, und über technische Aspekte und Eigenheiten von NB-IoT. Finden Sie auch heraus, wie Sie leistungsstarke NB-IoT-Lösungen entwickeln können, die effizient, verlässlich und sicher sind. Das Seminar wird sich speziell folgenden Themen widmen:

  • NB-IoT bei der Deutschen Telekom, einschliesslich Prototpyenentwicklung und Fortschritte der Telekom im letzten Jahr
  • Die technische DNA von NB-IoT
  • Deutsche Telekoms Zertifizierungsprogramm für Chipsätze und Module
  • Entwicklung und Optimierung von NB-IoT-Anwendungen für bessere UX und Batterielebensdauer
  • NB-IoT-Geräte mit Anschluss zur Cloud
  • Sicherheitsaspekte für NB-IoT-Geräte und -Anwendungen
  • Anwendungsfälle und Beispiele

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Designing Efficient and Reliable NB-IoT Solutions

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Join leading industry experts from Deutsche Telekom for a deep-dive into NB-IoT!

Find out more about Deutsche Telekom’s recent work in the market, explore the technical aspects of the technology, and learn from technical speakers how to design high-performing NB-IoT solutions that are efficient, reliable and secure. In particular, this in-depth seminar covers:

  • NB-IoT at Deutsche Telekom, incl. prototyping approach and DT’s work in the last year
  • The technical DNA of NB-IoT
  • DT’s chipset and module certification programme
  • Designing and optimising NB-IoT applications for UX and battery life
  • Connecting NB-IoT devices to the cloud
  • Security aspects of NB-IoT devices and applications
  • Use cases and examples

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“Mobile IoT for Industry” Demonstration

Join us in Hall 6, stand B35 to find out more about the accelerated growth and numerous benefits of Mobile IoT:

  • Explore a number of innovative demonstrations showcasing the benefits of Mobile IoT technologies for the industrial market
  • Meet our subject matter experts to learn more about the opportunities, requirements, and technical aspects of Mobile IoT
  • Mobile IoT for Industry Networking Reception – Join our subject matter experts and industry experts from mobile operators on Monday, 23 April and Tuesday, 24 April from 16:30 to 18:00 for a couple of beers, prosecco and soft drinks
  • There are Mobile IoT demonstrations hosted by leading mobile operators and key industry players in the ecosystem. Please visit here for details.
Partner Demonstration Technology
BS2 Sicherheitssysteme Infrastructure and Building Monitoring – Corrosion and Moisture Sensors for Concrete NB-IoT
Horus & Vodafone HORUS SentinelTM – The First EDGE Device with AI Utilitising LPWAN – NB-IoT NB-IoT
Huawei, Nortrace, Shiip & Telia Shiip the Sheep – The Connected Cow NB-IoT
Intellinium & Sierra Wireless Saving workers’ lives with the first smart safety shoe LTE-M & NB-IoT
GSMA Mobile IoT Showcase – Development Kits & Modules LTE-M & NB-IoT


How to Prove you are Cyber-Secure in the Age of the IoT?

Tuesday, 24 April, 10:00 – 10:20 | Hall 6, Stand D02

The opportunity ‘Industry 4.0’ is massive, but so are its associated cyber security threats. Whilst many security guidelines exist and ‘security by design’ is the buzzword of the day, how do you actually know that the security measures you’ve implemented are sufficient? And how you do know what security measures your suppliers have implemented? Together with the mobile industry, the GSMA has developed a free-to-use security assessment that can be used to measure the organisational and product security measures you and your suppliers have implemented, exposing the weak links in your supply chain. In this presentation, Ian Smith, IoT Security Lead at the GSMA, will present an overview of the scheme, and how it can be used to measure the security of Industry 4.0 services. Find out more