IoT Webinar – The Future of IoT Business Models Hosted by GSMA Intelligence

Start: Tuesday 27 November 2018 10:00 am

End: Tuesday 27 November 2018 11:00 am

In this webinar, GSMA Intelligence analysts deep dive into IoT applications across two developing areas and evaluate the business proposition of this rapidly evolving technology.

Part 1 – Heading North: Mobile operators to capture IoT platform revenues from a position of strength

Yiru Zhong, Lead Analyst for IoT and Enterprise, will introduce GSMA Intelligence definition of platforms and share how as the IoT platform market evolves, mobile operators have 3 key strengths in which to develop their platform proposition in order to capture the US$1.1 trillion IoT market opportunity. Using GSMA Intelligence IoT market forecasts, she argues that the IoT platform market is in differing phases of development where mobile operators have strong business cases to partner with/acquire mid-sized platform vendors to establish leadership.

Part 2 – Synergies of Emerging Tech: Can Blockchain fit itself into the IoT business models?

Christina Patsioura, Senior Analyst for Emerging Technologies, looks at the IoT application of one of today’s most hyped technologies: blockchain. Her latest research examines the synergy of IoT with Blockchain and other Distributed Ledgers Technologies (DLTs) – which she argues can improve IoT technology and vertical market propositions. For any IoT player to achieve this, she identifies suitable business models which would support new products, and ultimately driving new revenue streams.This webinar will be offered at two times. Please register for the session most convenient for your timezone.

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