Orange Developer Challenge: LTE-M

Start: Saturday 28 April 2018

End: Saturday 28 April 2018

Venue: Orange Gardens

As an IoT expert, would you like your company to start prototyping solutions with the new Orange LTE-M kits, network & platforms, based on real-life scenarios provided by SNCF? You can pick one or more submitted use-cases, in various environments:

If your team is selected, you’ll be invited to join:

  • The kick-off session on 8 November to meet the project owners and coaches, to network with partners, and to get your kits up and running
  • The final workshop on 10 December to present your project, demo your prototype and discuss next steps with all partners
  • In between, you will be able to test your kits remotely and get constant online coaching

The winners have the opportunity to get free promotion and visibility, to get invited to showcase their prototypes at major events like MWC19 Barcelona, and to potentially engage in field PoCs.

This challenge is aimed at European-based teams, as participants need to be physically present for the kick-off session and final workshop. Testing in between these two sessions can be conducted remotely.